Monday, September 17, 2007

Coffee break's over - back on your heads

I took last week off from the internets, having real life to attend to. I barely had time to check my e-mail, let alone make the rounds of the blogs.

A good portion of that week was spent in my continuing education class, a requirement for keeping my state water treatment license. This involves 6-7 hours of classes daily, along with a 40 mile commute across the Nashville metro area to and from the class site. The sessions were best described as part information and part sales pitch, as most of the speakers were vendors for various treatment industry firms. The main exception was the state investigator who comes to all these things threatening to throw us in jail if we falsify government records. The rest was uneventful, unless you consider stuff like ultraviolet disinfection, on-site chlorine generation, and water tank inspection to be exciting subjects.

Mrs. S.' toe is healing well. She can now put her shoes on. We had to go Thursday to have two more stitches removed from her stomach area. These stitches are left over from a failed reconstructive surgery related to her breast cancer treatment. There are still stitches from the surgery that were supposed to have been absorbed by her body, but instead they work their way up through her skin and have to be surgically removed before they become infected. We spent a good portion of the weekend keeping an eye on those holes, keeping them clean and drained to make sure there's no infection. It's often difficult for me to write about my wife's health - it's a story that began over 20 years ago that you're coming in during the middle of, and I haven't yet figured out a way to write about how all this got started that I feel comfortable with.

I started making the rounds last night, and will continue to do so later today, trying to catch up with the e-mail and other goings on in the wonderful world of cyberspace. I was shocked to find that over the weekend the statcounter dropped into single digits for the first time since the early, early days. (Speaking of the early, early days, the Hill's first anniversary is coming up soon!) Y'all can come back now.

Oh yeah, about that title...

A guy dies and goes to hell. The devil meets him at the gate and says, "Alright, you have died and come to hell. You will spend eternity here, but you get to choose how to spend it. You may choose one of these three doorways. Once you choose a door, you may not change it. So let's get started."

The devil opens Door One. The guy looks in and sees a couple of people standing in cow manure up to their waist. The guy says, "No way, let's move on."

The devil opens Door Two. The guy sees a few more people standing neck-deep in cow manure. The guy says, "No way, let's move on."

The devil opens Door Three. The guy sees a bunch of people standing knee-deep in cow manure drinking coffee. The guy says, "Great, this is the one I will chose." The devil says, "OK, wait right here, I will get you some coffee."

The guy settles in with his coffee thinking that this isn't so bad. What's the big deal?

After a few minutes the Devil's voice booms over the loud speaker: "Coffee break's over. Back on your heads!"