Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Next time, close the door

Kids, help me with this one. I'll agree that it's not the best child-rearing practice to have sex while your three-year-old son watches...

A Granite City couple has been charged with having sex while their 3-year-old son watched.

Madison County prosecutors on Friday charged Glen Hall, 30, and Cassie Hall, 31, with sexual exploitation of a child, which is a felony carrying a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

...nor is it very smart to go to the police and tell on yourself (doubtlessly resulting from the loving couple having some sort of argument)...

Granite City Police Detective Robert Patrich said the allegation came to light when Cassie Hall made a report to police. He declined to elaborate on why she went to police.

When asked about a motive, Patrich said: "I can't answer that. Don't know that reason."

He added, "It was a different one for me."

...but $75,000 bail apiece and a possible five-year stint in jail seem a bit harsh to me. Far stupider acts are committed in broad daylight every day, some even by the people who purport to run this country.

UPDATE (9/2): Pretty much as I called it in the comments. Cassie Hall says she was raped. The Granite City Police Department doesn't agree.