Monday, August 27, 2007

Start the week off right

So who cares about a old washed-up guitar picker like Ted Nugent anyway? Truth be told, the Nuge laid down some pretty solid licks in his day, and was a helluva showman to boot, though as the years passed, the showmanship began to overshadow the guitar playing. (Over the weekend at WTWC, a fair amount of debate ensued over the artistic merits of Mr. Nugent, or the lack thereof.)

Here's your assignment to get ready to take on the world this week. Brew yourself up a nice strong pot of coffee, then come back here to your machine. (If there's any crankheads out there, I disavow all knowledge of your activities.) Warm up with that first cup or two and some vintage Deep Purple. "Fireball" is a bit of an oddity in that guitarist Ritchie Blackmore stays in the background. Groove along to Roger Glover's bass and let Jon Lord's manic organ shoot through you. And dig those crazy dancing kids!

Now that you're good and warmed up, get another cuppa joe and deal yourself Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades". Be careful not to hurt yourself while you're banging your head on the monitor.

You're now good and warmed up and ready for Uncle Teddy in his prime. I saw Ted for the first time during this period, and now, due to the magic of YouTube and the internets, you too can discover why they called him the Motor City Madman. Click the link for this classic performance of "Motor City Madhouse" (they won't let me embed this one), and if you've followed my instructions, you'll be nice and wired and ready for some primal screams of your own!

Now go out there and seize the day.

(I am not responsible for speeding tickets, or if you get arrested for inciting a riot.)