Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everybody, let's hurl

Seriously, America, do we really need this?

HURL! combines speedeating with intense physical challenges all designed to shake up competitors... it's an eating competition with an extreme sports chaser!

With HURL!, participants are subjected to a series of challenges: Spiraling down a tunnel in a steel cage ball after eating mounds of Mac 'n Cheese... saddling up for a bucking, spinning, spew-inducing thrill ride on the mechanical bull after downing a passel of franks n' beans... and much more!

Guess what! If you make it through the show without losing your cookies, you win a big $1000!

Hell, this shouldn't bother me; I've seen The Exorcist. And I've seen people eat gruesome bugs and things on Survivor before I stopped watching that show when it began repeating itself. But a show that deliberately induces its contestants to puke, I don't get it.

I guess nobody stays hip forever...