Thursday, January 18, 2007

Watch 'em

I've gone ahead and accepted Blue Girl, Red State's invitation to write about Tennessee politics, as well as about a few other places I know, at Watching Those We Chose. (My first post on Tennessee's Congresspeople is here , for those who are interested.)

This opportunity solves a dilemma I've had. Although politics is one of my main interests, and though I've left a lot of comments on political blogs, I never intended for The Hill to be a strictly political blog. The way things turned out, nuts-and-bolts political posts don't seem to work for me here, especially ones focused on Tennessee. Also, I don't have a lot of local readers, nor have I done much to cultivate a local readership. Group blogs also seem to be the best format for political blogging, as people seem to be attracted to them because of various issues, and the more issues you can cover, the more hits you get. More bloggers means more expertise on more issues which leads to more readers.

So from now on I'll post the inside baseball stuff at WTWC, but I'll continue to post issues-oriented topics of general interest at The Hill, along with whatever else that crosses my mind. There will undoubtedly be some things that I'll cross-post as time rolls on. But it's not my ambition to become a high-falutin' big-time political blogger. You folks who come here to The Hill are my favorite folks in the many internets, and I appreciate the interest you've taken in this little ol' blog. I plan on keeping this merry-go-round going first and foremost. Everyone here is invited to check out WTWC and leave their comments. Even you, Jordan.

I also have in recent weeks gained posting privileges at Corrente, although I haven't taken much advantage of it yet. Everything I've posted at Corrente has been cross-posted here, so you guys haven't missed anything. Jordan has also invited me to write a liberal counterpoint or two for his Corn Beltway Boys, which I might do in the future. I just haven't been in the mood for debunking conservative shibboleths lately.