Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Botched is botched

Back on the eve of Saddam Hussein's execution, I threw up a quick post to mark the event. Nothing special, as I saw little to celebrate in the man's life and career, just a few lines to note a historic moment and another turn of the merry-go-round.

That post drew this comment from Christie (aka Fermicat):

Apparently, someone with a cell phone video camera was there and caught the ugly truth. From what I've read, this was as botched as anything else that has gone on in Iraq.

...followed by this response by Jordan, feeling especially witty:

Botched? He's dead isn't he?

Really, there's not much more to say here, for even cheese-eating surrender monkeys understand that dead is dead.

Until today's trip to the grocery store, where the headline from USA Today hit my face:

Bush: Saddam Hanging Botched

Imagine that.

Straight from the mouth of the Maximum Leader himself:

President Bush on Tuesday criticized the handling of Saddam Hussein's execution, saying it looked like "kind of a revenge killing" that had eroded the American public's faith in the Iraqi government...

...Bush said that while he was "pleased" with the trials received by Saddam and his top aides, he was troubled with the circus atmosphere surrounding Saddam's execution Dec. 30. Cellphone video showed Saddam being taunted as he stood on the gallows.

"I was disappointed and felt like they fumbled the — particularly the Saddam Hussein — execution," Bush said. Bush acknowledged that the way the execution was conducted made it harder for him "to make the case to the American people that this is a government that does want to unify the country."

Sometimes these things just write themselves...

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