Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A new year deserves a new post

2007 is finally upon us, and the start of the new year inspires many of us with thoughts of renewal. I'm not one who's big on New Year's resolutions, but there's a few things I'm trying to keep in mind this year. Read more books. Don't waste as much time mindlessly web-surfing. In general, just get off my ass and be more active.

I guess it's the post-holiday blogger ennui, but I haven't felt much like posting this week. Not that I haven't had a few ideas, but I'm still searching for the right thread to tie them all together with. This also explains why I haven't come around to see a few of my friends in blogdom recently. So I'm looking to spend my spare time the next couple of days in getting caught up, and also doing some tune-up work around The Hill (is it finally time to move to the new Blogger?)

The Doctor prescribes: Bible Study For Atheists, a spinoff of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. VastLeft's goal is to go through the Bible chapter by chapter as he tries to understand why the Judeo-Christian faith appeals to believers. He claims to have read very little of the Bible prior to this, so you get the perspective of someone reading the Bible stories with a fresh pair of eyes. Despite the title, much of VastLeft's commentary is of interest to believers as well.

Speaking as someone who has read the Good Book from beginning to end, the task before VastLeft is a daunting one. Many of the pivotal events in God's relationship with humankind are separated by pages of dry, boring prose, and a lot of the important stuff (from a Christian perspective) doesn't happen until you're three-fourths of the way through. So should you visit his site, and like what you see, be sure to give VastLeft a word or two of encouragement.