Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where's Sardo?

No, I haven't quit blogging, despite my recent lack of output. I suppose the best way to explain it is that for the last few weeks, things haven't lined up quite the way I like. My online activities began as a way to amuse myself while on the graveyard shift, but things at work have changed over the years and I have less time for blogging out here than I used to. Which means I need to find more time to do this at home, but I can always think of other things to do when I'm off. For example, it has rained at The Hill more-or-less solid for a week now, and my yard is starting to look like a jungle.

I have noticed that several of my blogging friends, who I go back a long way with, have either cut back on their blogs or abandoned them completely. Even if you do maintain a healthy online community (which is what drew me to their blogs as much as anything), it gets hard to come up with new stuff to feed the beast, especially once you reach the point where you feel you've told all your good stories. Besides, Facebook and Twitter fill many of the same needs that blogging does - you can maintain community just as easily (perhaps more so), and you can keep your friends informed without having to spend a lot of time on writing. I'm starting to think that the blogosphere may have reached a crossroads - the people who got into it mainly to communicate with friends are the ones dropping out, leaving the people who are into serious writing, and have the time to do it.

Anyway, don't blame Jenn. Though my writing started tailing off about the time that our relationship moved from virtual to real-life, that is just coincidence. Jenn wants me to write. In fact, one of the strengths of our relationship is the way that we encourage each other to be more creative, and I expect that to continue over time.

BTW, Jenn graduated from East Georgia, and she lives here now. She also writes almost every day, so if you wonder what's going on around here, and haven't heard from me for a while, you can check her blog.


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