Monday, March 23, 2009

A great week

Jenn returned home Saturday morning, and I've been missing her ever since. We had a great time while she was here. Mostly, it was pretty laid-back, though I did take her around town a couple of days, showing her the sights of Nashville (though I saved a few for her next visit). I think she plans to put some pictures up at her place. Other than that, we hung around the house, sat on the porch, grilled steaks, talked a lot, and spent a lot of time in... getting to know each other better. Jenn also taught Thalia how to dance, and discovered the pleasures of Moosehead beer.

Next week is the trip to the Smokies, where I will meet Jenn's children and her aunt Sue for the first time. I never believed I would feel like this again, especially given the way last year went. We both know now that we want to be together, and feel that the best is yet to come.