Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random blogservations

Mrs. S. update: She's still feeling weak, and still sleeps a lot. Her neck is very sore bcause she's fallen asleep several times sitting up, which is not good when you've had neck surgery. When she's awake, she's frustrated because she tires quickly, and doesn't have the energy to garden, do housework or cook. Her next appointment with the neurologist isn't for another week, so all we can do now is sit and wait.


Things I've seen around and about: Via Corrente, James Dobson says that Barack Obama distorts the Bible. Imagine that. Presumably Dobson says that about anybody who doesn't agree with his own particular interpretations of Scripture.

Found at Show Me Progress: Turn off your screen saver. You don't have to worry about burn-in with flat screen LCD monitors, and all you're doing is wasting energy. Turn your monitor off if you're not using it.

Finally, if you're planning on travelling abroad this summer, be sure before you go to read up on the seven innocent gestures that could get you killed.


I'm planning to get around to George Carlin later this week. He wasn't just a comedian, he was one of those rare individuals who changed the face of our culture. I can't do him proper justice in these 15 and 30 minute sessions I squeeze in while at work. John Nichols does an excellent job of summarizing Carlin's influence, and be sure to check out the tributes from our friends Randy Raley and Brian Holland.