Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mrs. S. update

First, thank you all for your support and your kind words.

Mrs. S. has been home from the hospital since Tuesday, but she's still feeling weak. She's been sleeping a lot - she slept 18 hours Friday, and about 14 hours yesterday. When she gets up, she's still unstable. She fell again yesterday while I was at work, but it wasn't as serious as last week when she had to be hospitalized. She still has a big bruise on her forehead from this recent fall, along with 15 stitches right above her left eyebrow from the last fall that put her in the hospital.

The good news is that we believe that we have found a team of neurologists who are interested in helping her. Unfortunately, her next appointment with them isn't for two weeks. She sees our primary physician Wednesday for evaluation and to have her stitches removed.

My biggest worry right now is leaving her alone at night while I'm at work. It's hard for me to get off work, not because I don't have the time, but because we're so shorthanded, especially on the night shift, that it's difficult for me to get anyone to cover the shift.

There are several other things I can think of to write about right now, but I'm just too damn tired to do it. All I can think of doing right now is to help my wife to get better, and continue to hope that perhaps someone out there can give us some answers as to what causes these spells to occur.