Monday, June 09, 2008

Mrs. S. hospitalized

My wife has been in the hospital since Friday evening, thus the lack of activity in these environs of late. This was another of those seizure-like incidents where she suddenly goes limp and falls. When I came home from work Friday evening, I found her lying on the floor with a big gash over her left eye. She hit her head on the coffee table when she fell. When this happens, she keeps trying to get up, but only falls again, which makes things worse.

Right now she's in the hospital in fairly good spirits considering the circumstances. All we know so far is that she has pneumonia, and that she'll be in for another couple of days at least.

Things may be slow around here this week. It's hard for me to get in the mood to write when all this is going on.

UPDATE: Mrs. S. came home from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. She's improved quite a bit the past couple of days, though she still feels a bit weak and is shaky on her feet. While in the hospital, she talked quite a bit with a neurologist who has taken an interest in her and seems serious about finding out the cause of these episodes. It would be a great relief to both of us if we learned why these seizures occur and can find some way to prevent them or minimize their effect on her.