Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Midweek interlude: "Scare Easy"

I love the guitars on this one:

For those unfamiliar with the backstory, Mudcrutch was a band formed by Tom Petty with some of his buddies from Gainesville, Florida in the early 70's: guitarists Tom Leadon and Mike Campbell, and drummer Randall Marsh. Tom Petty sang lead vocals and played bass. Leadon would leave the group and be replaced by keyboards player Benmont Tench. Mudcrutch would break up after releasing a couple of singles. Randall Marsh went on to form Code Blue in the early 80's and do some sessions. Tom Leadon wound up in Nashville, where he's been a guitar teacher for the last 20 years. Campbell and Tench would follow Petty into his new band, the Heartbreakers.

Last year, Petty called up his old friends and asked them if they would like to get together again and make some music, and this is the result. I haven't liked a Tom Petty song this much in years. Sit back and take a trip back to 1974.