Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second annual Grammy gripe thread

My general opinion of the Grammy Awards was duly noted last year; no need to rehash that stuff when you can just hyperlink. I'll just throw out some general impressions on a few of the 2008 nominees.

I guess the big story this year was whether Amy Winehouse would get her visa problems cleared up in time to make it to the ceremonies, since we allegedly do not desire that junkies enter our fine country. Winehouse finally got her visa, and they've been saying all weekend that she will perform tonight. I'm as predisposed to dislike Winehouse as the rest of you, but having heard "Rehab" a million times on the radio now, I'm starting to figure that anyone who wants to bring back the Shangri-Las can't be all bad. They tell me that Winehouse is also a fine torch singer, but I can't get past her image to investigate further.

The Foo Fighters are up for a couple of the big awards - I doubt they'll win, but it's good to see them get some recognition, as they're one of the last classic rock bands out there that's selling records. Grammy also attempts to make amends to John Fogerty after ignoring the rock titan for the last 40 years. And "Hey There Delilah", up for Song Of The Year, is one horrible tune.

Apart from that, it's all the usual suspects - Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and so forth. All undeniably talented, none of them do anything I get excited about. Leave further gripes and observations in comments.