Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random blogservations

Via e-mail, I found out about The Breast Cancer Site. On this site they have inspirational stories, research information, and other tidbits of interest to those dealing with breast cancer, their families and friends. A neat feature of this site is a button you can click on to provide free mammograms. It costs you nothing; the site's sponsors make donations based on how many clicks the button gets daily. You might consider making it a habit to visit their site often and click the button in order to help those needing mammograms but are unable to pay for them.


Check out these fine bloggers I've recently started paying attention to: Debo Blue (A Blue State Of Mind), David McMahon (Authorblog), Marc McDonald {Beggars Can Be Choosers), CDM (Complaints Department) and Gledwood (Gledwood). All are interesting, informative, and will provide you much reading pleasure.


Yes, they're playing a football game tomorrow. Although history will likely be made tomorrow, I doubt I'll be watching much of the game. The New England Patriots are a football machine on the verge of completing only the second undefeated season in NFL history, and I've never cared much for the New York Giants. The big story of the postseason has been Eli Manning's stepping out from under his big brother's shadow and establishing himself as a fine quarterback in his own right. Should the Giants pull off the upset, Eli will have his own Super Bowl ring and have that monkey off his back for good. The Giants almost beat the Patriots in their first meeting and they won't be scared of the juggernaut. Thing is, the Patriots realize they almost got beat as well, they'll be ready, and they want to be remembered as great men.

Patriots 31, Giants 21.