Saturday, December 29, 2007

The end of 2007

Hope everybody had a good Christmas, and that Santa brought you everything you wanted. I was hoping to have some time to relax after working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but instead wound up starting the next work week early. Sometimes I feel like I should set up a cot in the breakroom and move out here.

While you're tooling around the web looking for fun stuff to occupy you next week, be sure to take part in the Old Farmer's Almanac Presidential Straw Poll. The cool thing about this poll is that the Almanac will donate in the name of the winning candidates from each party a day's worth of food for an animal at the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in California and The Elephant Sanctuary right down the road in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Both of these organizations do excellent work in rescuing these animals and providing them with a place they can call home. They certainly appreciate the support.

My New Year's resolutions are the same as always: exercise more, eat better, become more organized, and read more educational stuff and less junk. Most of these resolutions will be broken by mid-January. Use the comment box below to share any neat Christmas presents you received, any resolutions of your own, or just to say hi. I'll see you in 2008.