Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day shift

My employers have re-assigned me to the day shift after seven years of the night life. At this point I have no idea if it's a permanent move or not. I have learned that one cannot take anything pertaining to employment with this outfit for granted. I do appreciate not feeling tired all the time, and actually having energy to do things on my days off. The only drawback to this shift is not being able to attend church on Sunday, but the days I went I was sleeping through most of the service anyway.

One thing being affected by the new work schedule is this here blog. On the night shift there was ample down time for web surfing that doesn't exist in the daytime. Basically there's just too much going on to devote much time to extracurricular activities. Even during the weekend, it seems you never know who's going to pop up. Until I can get a new routine worked out, I may be slow in posting and getting around the neighborhood to visit you folks.