Friday, November 23, 2007

Odds 'n' sods

With plenty of leftover turkey to eat and shopping to do, I may not be around for a few days. Here's a couple of things to consider for now:

First, a contest! Teeny Manolo has some Amazon gift certificates up for grabs at their place. The contest is fun and easy - click the link to find out more.

And a question. David McMahon, who paid a visit here the other day, is an Australian writer/photographer who has some pretty good stuff on his blog, and is well worth the trip over there. He asks this question: "When did you last write or receive a real snail-mail letter (you know, in an addressed envelope)?" I don't believe I've gotten a real hand-written letter (I've gotten plenty of the form-letter type) since I lived in Florida in 1986. My wife had an aunt, who was near 90, who wrote her a couple of times a year. Her aunt passed away last year, and I don't think we've received any letters since.