Monday, November 19, 2007


Since I don't want people to think this is turning into a pot blog, how 'bout those New England Patriots? The Pats are now 10-0 after their dismantling of the Buffalo Bills last night. Can they go undefeated? Will they become only the second team in NFL history to complete the regular season and postseason with a perfect record?

My gut says no, it's too hard to go through the NFL undefeated, and strange things always seem to happen during the pro football season. One can argue, though, that the Pats have made it through the toughest part of their schedule; the best teams they have remaining, the Steelers and Giants, each have a good share of problems.

There is one interesting scenario. The Miami Dolphins, who back in 1972 achieved the NFL's only perfect season, are currently winless and play the Patriots the next-to-last week of the schedule. Should the Patriots come into that game at 14-0 and the Dolphins at 0-14, and Miami somehow finds a way to win, that would be the pro football story of the decade.