Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The rainmaker

The Hill, like much of the southeastern US, has been in the grips of a serious drought for much of the year. The drought here hasn't been near as bad as it has been further south, but we are still several inches below normal for the year.

Pole Hill Crick is normally dry this time of year, but nothing stops the weeds from growing in the creek bed. One day last month, I headed down to the creek with my weedeater to hack the weeds down. The sky had been cloudy the last several days, yet not a drop of rain had fallen. But the moment I got down in the creek, the heavens opened up. I worked all afternoon in a steady drizzle, the first substantial rain we received in more than a month.

The weeds are back, and this afternoon I went back to the creek with the weedeater. Not a cloud in the sky. Within fifteen minutes, the winds picked up, and storm clouds suddenly started rolling in from the west. Work on Pole Hill Crick was shortly suspended due to the resulting downpour.

Need rain in your parts? Have weedeater, will travel. For a nominal fee...