Friday, June 22, 2007

Simon Pretty update

Back in March I wrote a little bit about Simon Pretty, an Englishman suffering from leukemia whose sister refused him a bone marrow transplant. I was struck by the cold-heartedness of the man's sister; I couldn't imagine how anyone could do such a thing to a sibling. To my surprise, that story has become the most-viewed item in the history of Pole Hill Sanitarium to date.

Fortunately, all has turned out well for Mr. Pretty. An anonymous American donor agreed to provide marrow for Pretty, and following surgery, he has returned home to England and is doing well in recovery.

Sadly, the relationship between Pretty and his sister Helen, as well as his mother who supported the sister's decision, has been destroyed.

Today the father of three said: “I’ve a long way to go before I’m well enough to kick a football with my kids. But this has taught me who really loves me.”

Mr Pretty said he would never forgive Helen or their mother, Rosalie, whom he claims stood by his sister’s decision.

Speaking to a national newspaper, he said: “They didn’t care that my three children would lose their daddy, my partner would be widowed, or that I’d suffer a painful death.

“I’ve disowned them. It’s sad, but the kids will never see their aunt or grandma again. And neither will I.”

The Hill wishes good luck and good health to Simon Pretty.

UPDATE: For the latest on Pretty, go here.