Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Midweek interlude: Mindy Smith

Can't believe I forgot this one when Sonia Sunshine was compiling her playlist for Jesus the other day - it's a heckuva lot better than most of the other suggestions I threw at her. So, with apologies to Mindy Smith, Sunshine, and The Main Man Himself, here's "Come To Jesus":

Mindy Smith originally hails from Long Island, believe it or not, and came to Nashville in 1994 to pursue a career in Americana, alt-country, folk rock, or whatever they want to call it at the moment. She has released two albums to date, One Moment More (from which "Come To Jesus" was taken) and Long Island Shores. According to her website, she's working on a new disc to be released in the near future. One of our town's most criminally overlooked artists because she doesn't fit in any of the standard Nashville pigeonholes.


Blogroll notes: Some of you folks already know Jennylu: her View Thru My Eyes is always interesting and entertaining. Water For The Ages addresses a subject of great interest to me for obvious reasons; it should be important to you as well. The Complaint Department Manager, feeling prolific, has established The Independent Titan as an outlet for his political ranting and raving. And because we shouldn't be afraid of contrary opinions, Righty Blog joins the list of honor.

Also, no sooner than I presumed them to have hung up their keyboards forever, Mixter, Strannix, and Debo Blue have rejoined the game and are all cranking out the good stuff again. Welcome back, y'all. Be sure to patronize each of these fine bloggers.