Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye, Tara

I came home from work Sunday morning, and found Tara crying in pain on the kitchen floor. She had suffered a stroke. She was unable to move the front half of her body, and she was trying to use her back legs to get up. At her advanced age, all that I could do was take her to the vet to have her put to sleep. She is now with her feline and canine brothers and sisters, and can once again curl up on her mama's lap.

This truly is the end of an era for me. All those that I called my family have gone on now, to whatever it is that lies beyond this place, where they can run and jump and plant trees and flowers, and feel no pain. I am left here to ponder whatever might happen next in this life, and to experience new beginnings.

Here are Desiree, Maltese, and Tara all together, the only picture I have of the three of them in one place as Tara and Desiree rarely could stand each other's company. Maltese sits contentedly between them, surrounded by his women, and keeping the peace.

I wrote more about Tara on her 20th birthday. May we all be together again someday.