Sunday, March 11, 2007


Mrs. S. is doing better. She's been taking it easy since her trip to the emergency room. I don't want her doing anything too strenuous, but she's been more active the last few days. She's getting restless to get out in the yard because we've had nice weather the last several days, with the temperature up in the 70's Thursday and Friday. This makes more work for me, but I admit I need the exercise.

A friend of mine said he knew somebody who would look at my computer. As is often the case with friend-of-a-friend deals, the guy never called me back. I'm going to end up taking the thing back to where I bought it, a computer shop in downtown Nashville. They do good work, although they're a tad expensive. It's also a pain in the ass to drive all the way downtown on my days off.


Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston, passed away Friday. Obituary from the Boston Globe. Admit it, if you're around my age, you've got a Boston album or two around the house somewhere. Although Tom Scholz's guitar wizardry and production technique defined the band's sound, Delp's vocals were a fine compliment to Scholz's soaring guitar lines. Delp's vocal talents come to the fore on "A Man I'll Never Be". Apologies for the relatively poor quality; there's not that much Boston video available on the nets.