Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Worst. Congress. Ever.

Earlier this year, Rolling Stone asked if George W. Bush was indeed "The Worst President In History?" The magazine publicized a History News Network survey of 415 historians whose majority opinion was indeed that Our Maximum Leader belonged on the bottom rung of US presidents; noted liberal historian Sean Wilentz provided analysis.

Now Rolling Stone returns with its verdict on Congress. The results: Worst. Congress. Ever. Author Matt Taibbi can be a smartass at times, but here he pens a sober analysis of the failings of the 109th Congress, relying on expert testimony from representatives, staffers, and academics from both sides of the aisle. As the man once said, you don't want to watch legislation or sausages being made; this article proves that old adage to be true as it exposes the bullying, greed, and illiteracy (yes, illiteracy) of those purporting to represent us in Washington.

Also check to see if your Congressman made the Ten Worst List. Bear in mind what I've said about such lists reflecting the prejudices of their authors, yet the behavior of the Ten Most Wanted is inexcusable regardless of party affiliation. Taibbi also provides a companion article where he expresses his fears that if the Democrats regain the majority in November, they may not do much better. Essential pre-election reading.