Friday, October 06, 2006

Making their quota

From today's Tennessean:

At least five apparently bogus voter registration forms were submitted to the Metro Nashville election commission by a worker with ties to the Republican National Committee, and up to 150 other registrations have been called into question, The Tennessean has learned.

And you thought that Republicans were the sophisticated party when it came to manipulating the vote, and that they left all that low-tech cheating to the Democrats...

State Election Coordinator Brook Thompson said the strategy behind the fraud was unclear, but that the system's safeguards appeared to have caught it.

"At first blush it does not appear that the problem lies with somebody doing something trying to falsify a vote," Thompson said. "It's more an issue of registration problems. The question is, why would they do that?"

Gee, Brook, I dunno - whoever would think of doing a thing like that?