Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fun at the ol' ball park, part II

Should you get overly drunk and obnoxious while rooting for the visiting team at Yankee Stadium, you may be roughly shown to the exits. But in Oakland, now, they don't screw around:

From The Sporting News:

(T)his gentleman, we'll call him Belligerent Santa, was clearly not happy about something going on at the A's game last night. (A YouTube commenter who claims to have been sitting near where the incident took place said it was a loud Texas fan who was yelling inappropriately and got angry when he was asked to quiet down. Judging from how few people were around him, that doesn't really sound like much of a stretch.) After what seemed like a decent amount of time trying to reason with Belligerent Santa, the jig was up, and like that scene from The Hangover, they had to unleash the full power of the Taser.

Next time I go to Wrigley Field, I'm not gonna drink...