Sunday, February 08, 2009

Third annual Grammy gripe thread

It's a Pole Hill tradition. It's Grammy night, which means this is the night that you get an open thread to gripe about the sorry state of current popular music. Or tell me that you never watch those damned awards shows, then proceed to describe Beyonce's dress down to the last sequin. Undoubtedly, someone will show up and announce that they think Amy Winehouse is subhuman. Myself, I think the Jonas Brothers are goofy bastards, but they'll probably win Best New Artist in a walk.

Every so often the Grammy committee, like the proverbial blind squirrel, finds an acorn. This year they at least had the good sense to nominate Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Raising Sand for Album Of The Year and their "Please Read The Letter" for Record Of The Year. They probably won't win (Coldplay was also nominated in both categories) but at least there's some evidence that they actually listen once in a while instead of copying names out of People magazine. Buy this album.


Dewey Martin, Buffalo Springfield drummer, has passed away at age 68. A steady, unspectacular timekeeper, Martin and bassist Bruce Palmer provided the rhythmic foundation for the groundbreaking compositions of Stephen Stills, Neil Young, and Richie Furay that made the Springfield one of the 60's most influential groups. After the band broke up in 1968, Martin tried to carry on with a group called the New Buffalo Springfield, but Stills and Young successfully sued to keep Martin from using the name. He formed the short-lived Medicine Ball in the early 70's; after that, he faded into obscurity.